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Hawaii Contractor License Classifications

It is no news that every state has its license classes. In like manner, Hawaii has established some specific contractor license classifications. Each of them requires a particular approach. The scope of work also varies. That is why it is preferable to know them. The following is an excerpt from the Contractor Licensing Board regulations. It also covers the rules governing the classification of various constructor licenses.

“1” Global Engineering

The definition of general engineering contracting is the core contracting business and related established engineering constructors demanding professional experience and awareness. It applies to recovery plans for rivers and monitoring, weir and hydroelectric plans, dikes, dockyards, and harbor. Piers and dock, ports, waterways, monitoring floods, water stocks, hydropower, watering, railways, freeways, and streets also relate to it.

Not to forget about tunnels, routes, and airports, treatment scheme plants, and wastewater, plants of sewerage, loss of reducing plants, bridgework, and trestle. Also, other methods that transport oil like gaseous and pipelines or playgrounds, wet materials, lawns, sports grounds. There are additional entertainment projects, synthetic and manufacturing plants, oil factories, plants of energy-demanding professional engineering education and skills.

Stations of electricity and other public facilities and plants of tunnels and metallurgy installing, metal shaping and earthmoving, excavation, covering work specifically related to the aforementioned permanent jobs.

“A” Projects

Without additional review or payment of additional fees, certificates with the main constructor category “A” will mechanically have the next professional categories. They include systems of solar energy(C-61), injection well(C-57b), pumps installing(C-57), welding (C-56), and swimming pool (C-49). After that, pipe laying, drain, sewage disposal, sewer(C-43), post-tensioning(C-38), lawn sprinkler and irrigation scheme (C-37b), and drain line.

In light of that, a sewer (C-37), foundation, pile, and drilling of the caisson, pile driving(C-35), fencing, and ornamental guardrail(C-32) pertain to the category.  Finally, it includes cement concrete(C-31), wrecking and building moving(C-24), trenching, grading, and excavating(C-17), scaffolding(C-10), cesspool(C-9 ), surfacing, and asphalt paving (C-3).

“B” Projects

The constructor for type “A” projects can construct pylons on new lines of a pole and repaired poles. Consequently, conveyors, insulations, and the cable are an installation by the C62 line of pylons classes. As long as the wires are installed by a constructor with a C13 rating, the usual constructor also should construct the pipe.

“2” Contractor of General Construction

The general construction constructors are persons whose main company is related to any building that has been made or is under construction. It will be made and used to protect, maintain, and protect people. Equally important are pets, or any type of personal estate. The structure uses a minimum of 2 unconnected construction industries or processes. 

“B” Class

Without further inspection or additional costs, “B” license holders hold these professional classifications.

  1. carpentry, millwork, and cabinet repairing and remodeling(C-5)
  2. carpentry framing(C-6)
  3. scaffolding(C-10)
  4. drywall(C-12)
  5. wrecking and building moving(C-24)
  6. commercial equipment and institutional(C-25)
  7. a cement concrete(C-31)
  8. vinyl fencing and a wood(C-32)
  9. metal shingles like an aluminum(C-42)
  10. wood shakes and wood shingles(C-42b)

“3” Constructor of Specialization

The definition of a specialized Constructor is “an entrepreneur whose main activity includes the usage of sales or works with specialization in construction”. The scope of work includes electricity, designing, coverings, and drywalls. Not to forget about furnishing decorations, doing floors, carpets of several kinds, doing roofs. 

In addition, the license has the following subcategories. You may see the list below. 

C1 Isolation and acoustic contractors

For soundproofing buildings and structures by installing scheme of acoustic tile, and spray. But also for internal or external insulation. 

As a multifunctional system, these materials or systems can be placed stand-alone or in combination with arrangements of drywalls and/or acoustical tiling.

C2 Specialists of methods of protecting with automatic

Installing insulating arrangements of standardized elements to manage the temp.

C3 Surfacer and asphalt paver

For dosing, mixing, and stacking elements bases. It involves asphalting and covering with mineral bonders or asphaltic substances to provide a hard and soft area. The fitting is for roads, trails, roads, parking, and playgrounds, parking lots, or highway strips. 

C3a Solid asphalt striper, sealer, and patcher

Repair asphaltic roads, driveways, runway, including parking lots to provide fitting areas. Sealing covers, lines of a freeway, lines of painting parking, or playgrounds outlines refer to this permit. Most important, installing dividing domes or disks of epoxy on freeways. 

C3b Specialist of surfaces in the playground

To equalize and draw playgrounds lines, place fresh or existent coverings, seal or put a cover or place elements.  

C4 Fumes connection, the heat of thermal water, and can specialist s

Installation and repair of electric liquid and snorkel pots, monobloc pots schemes, mechanism of stock for water pot. The permit also includes the solution of the hot mechanism, and all armature and pipeline. Pipes, boilers, furnaces, faucets, measures, fuel reservoir, water waste reservoir, and funnels. 

C5 Carpets, millworks, and cabinets, repairer and remodeler

Installing gates, bands, boxes, furniture, and trimmings that form a portion of the mechanism. It allows as well renovating or repairing constructions/existent structures. 

C5a Specialist of shutter for garage windows and doors

To place gliding, hanging, and automated doors for garages, also shutter for the windows. 

C5b Siding experts

Except for wood, to fit materials on prepared covers, sidings to achieve a waterproof area.

C6 Framer of carpets

To a carpenter, to the frame means to sheath roofs, support timber, frame of alloy, and timber. It also has works that are approved in the building business by using and customizing.

C7 Carpet installer

Apply or install approved covers for textile floors, synthetic grass, or another material to the surface. 

C9 experts of a cesspit

Installing and excavating cesspits, and additionally toxic containers by the healthiness standards of the board. 

C10 Scaffolder

Only to destroy or construct structures. Other constructor classes can conduct this sort of job automatically as part of the classification.

C12 The Drywallers

Installing and laying out arrangements of support frames, channels, sticks of non-structural alloy. It pertains to every form of the wall-board gyps system. This one is for texture and tape activities that go along with them. Spraying walls as an afterthought during the wall-board placement are also included.

C13 Electrician

To trench, backfill, patch, and restore the cover of line and conduit that change, transfer, or use a maximum of 600-volt electrical power. It is to attach, construct, set up, or locate electrical raceway, pole, conduit, and electrical sign. Being that, it is for equipment, appliance, fixture, wire, and restore, patch, backfill, and trench surface. 

C14 Experts of signs

Fabricate and install electrical and non-electrical signs for display, advertising, and instructions. As well as all sign accessories and support of sign.

C15 Automatic schemes specialist s

This one is for installing electrical equipment and controls. Given that, they are devices for electronic teaching, scheme of program clock and master, and CATV. Equally important are Systems of music distribution, antenna master, intercommunication, and lots of others. The latter are methods of burglar and fire alarm and devices for opening the electric door. 

C15a Specialist of altering for robber and fire

installing, maintenance, and repair of system of central burglar and fire alarm. However, this does not cover any conduits installation. 

C15b Specialist  of telecommunications

Repair, maintain and install, data, computer, and telephone. It also relates to any associated optics of fiber, wiring, or cabling. However, this doesn’t include any conduits installation.

C16  Expert of an elevator

To install, maintain and assemble devices like systems of signal, manual and automatic control. It is worth mentioning the scheme of hydraulic, assemblies of the door, counterweight, cab, guides, and wire rope. Cable, sheaves, motors, sheave beams, also a lot of other equipment and devices for the efficient and safe operation and installing.

C16a Systems of conveyor specialist 

Installing of beltline scheme of conveyor, including carousels luggage. 

C17 Trenching, grading, and excavating specialist 

To dig, transport, and arrange earthen material in preparation for a trench, grade, fill, cut (with explosives). 

C19 Contractor of asbestos

To apply, enclose, remove, encapsulate, renovate, repair, demolish, or otherwise disrupt asbestos or asbestos-containing substance that has the potential for becoming ductile. 

C20 Protection of fire expert

Arrangement and installation of authorized forms of method of prevention of fire and control. It includes every mechanical equipment and piping.

To meet the requirements of the relevant local government, the license holder must comply with the application for the National Fire Protection Board (NBFU) standards.

C20a Systems of fire represents the specialist 

Installing of fire represents tanks, pipes, systems of halon, CO2, dry chemicals, and heads sprinkler. 

C21 Flooring

To install or apply covering for floor materials such as aluminates, plastic, asphalt, cork, vinyl, and rubber. Linoleum, or additional substances that are customarily and often referred to as composition flooring, too. 

C22 Coloring and Polishing

Doors, bands, boards, and shutters should be glazed or tinted. It is to set up and put together hardened glazed doors, synthetics, metallic lancets, and metallic slid-doors. It comes to the metallic windowpane, tub pens, the door for showers, curtains for surfaces and windows, storefront trim, and alloy, as well. 

C22a Coloring glasses

To tint covers defined in the classes of C22 above using any substance combination. It is to create shelter coloring from synthetic or regular lighting. 

C23 Contractor of gunite

To complete the covering by aerially applying water, cement, and aggregates as gunite. Moreover, it is for setting line rods and earth cables to form the final cover levels.

C24 Splitting and transfer of buildings

Post, transfer, or destroy buildings, also wreck clearance and dismantling or freeing particular structure sections so they may be lifted and relocated.

C25 Advertisement and formal tools

Mechanism of raised floor, partitions of folding metal, partitions of sliding and folding, equipment and lockers, and equipment of the laboratory. To enumerate, scheme of pneumatic instrumentation, prefabricated used metal bins, incinerators, stages, and lattice of curtains. 

C27 Expert of gardening

Tree trimming, ornamental treatment, and layout of beautiful vegetation like trees. It pertains to bushes, vines, shrubs, lawns, gardens, and so on. Also, conservatories, systems of sprinkler and drainage, all sorts of rock scaping and decorative fences, ornamental walls, fountains and pools, and walkways. 

C27a Hydro-mulching contractor

Placement of materials for hydro mulching like a soil containment bed and ground cover. 

C27b Elimination and tree decoration

To remove, trim, and prune, restore the land to a state comparable to that of the surrounding region. However, this does not include field-grown trees planting and removal.

C31 Expert of stonework

To lay block or brick, structural glass and CMU, brick veneer and artificial stone, dressed or cut stone. In like manner, decorative plasters (like marble and granite), cast stone or rough, products of baked clay and brick. The same goes for laid without or with block panel or brick and facing and panels back up of precast concrete. 

C31a Solid cement contractor

To produce appropriate concrete by combining cement, aggregates, and water. It is to pour and finish concrete, including screeding and formwork, caulking and tuckpointing concrete blocks, and precast stone. Not to forget about caulking metal to cement concrete and masonry. 

C31b Stonemason expert

Using veneer cast stone, stone or rough, artificial stone, stone, decorative plasters granite, marble to build ornamental walls, veneer walls, and structural walls or columns. 

C31c Recalcitranter

To establish or install refractory equipment and fire clay with high temperatures. 

C31d  Calker and tuck pointer

Sealing, caulking, and tuckpointing concrete blocks and precast stone. It is also for caulking metal to masonry and concrete. 

C31e Pressure grouter, corer, sawer, driller, cutter of concrete

Concrete is chopped, drilled, sawed, cored, and pressure grouting.

C32 Ornamental fencer

All sorts of nonstructural and structural items. installing, including exterior and interior, for industrial, commercial, and residential projects.

C32a Vinyl and timber fencer

Installing, maintaining, or repairing vinyl or wood fences. 

C33  Decorator and painter

To use rubber base coatings, cement, fibrous, liquid-glass, urethane, and polyesters. For epoxies, water repellants, waxes, and emulsions apply substances commonly used in the decorating and painting industry for decorative and protective purposes. For example, for parking and highway striping and play court lines. 

C33a Wall coverer

To prepare wall surfaces coverings such as vinyl, wood veneer, wallpapers, textile fabric, and fiber type coverings. 

C33b Taper

Tape and fill wallboard seams and indentations to create a sleek surface. 

C33c Recovery of coverings contractor

To clean surfaces by sandblasting, water blasting, steam cleaning, or power cleaning, among other methods. This also covers the use of the sealant in conjunction with the aforementioned. 

C34 Stabilizing ground specialist 

To employ chemical pressure grouting and/or cement to stabilize the earth. 

C35 Caisson driller and heap driver

Drilling caissons and pilings holes, as well as driving piles and setting caissons. Also, cutting and capping piles. Devices like vibrafloat are used to compress the ground for foundations.

C36 Plasterer

To use a spray or trowel to apply acoustical cement, plaster, and plaster of gypsum, or any mix of materials commonly used in the plastering business. For any suction or mechanical type surface bond, too. 

C36a Expert of purlin

To apply metal lath and wood, as well as any other supplies that offer a suction or key foundation for the plaster coatings support. For example, the metal frame for lath support.

C37 Plumber

To alter, complete, repair, or install systems of plumbing, like fluid piping. It refers to methods of wastewater treatment, piping fuel gas, and wastewater/hot water. In the long run, also a scheme to install supply.

 C37a Drainage and gutter line

Installing a line of sewer from the house to the city sewer, as well as septic tanks, packaged plants for the treatment of sewage, and associated work inside the property limits. 

C37b Mechanisms of yard spray and sprinkling

To supply irrigation systems, install all devices of backflow prevention, regulators of pressure. Furthermore, fittings, and piping, electrical wiring irrigation control so it will hold a maximum of 24 volts.

C37c Conditioning system and vacuity

To move material, install method of pneumatic conveyor, air system tubing, and central vacuum. 

C37d Disinfection and chlorinating of water

The work is to sanitize or chlorinate water, or lines of water. It allows the user to repair or add to water lines, to chlorinate or sanitize water or water lines. 

C37e Facilities of the pumper and recovery

To maintain, repair, alter, assemble and install systems of piping and the equipment connected with facilities of water pumping, distribution of water, and also the treatment of wastewater.

C37f Fuel distributor

For establishments such as but not limited to, service stations. It is to repair, remove, and install hoists, pumps, tanks of waste storage hazardous, gas tanks, or other associated equipment. 

C38 Post-tensioner

To employ steel bars or wires to impart different components. Also, to make the wires or bars correct tension once the components or structures are erected or put. 

C40 Contractor of the refrigerator

To build and install systems, machines, and units for the air temperature regulation below 50° F. To elaborate, thermostatic controls, humidity, register, blowers, ducts, and units of temperature insulation.  

C40a Slabs of the pre-fabricated fridge

Prefabricated refrigerator panels.

C41 Contractor of strengthening iron

Fabricate, install, and also tie any cross-section, perimeter, or profile rods (reinforcing bars from steel). It is for buildings with reinforced concrete and constructions. 

C42 Constructor of roofing

Clay, concrete, shakes and wood shingles, cementitious shingles, and composition, metal, and other forms of tile.  It allows installing roofing to an appropriate surface and creating a weather-tight covering.

C42a Metal pebble

Installing aluminum and various metal shingles types to get a satisfactory waterproof surface. 

C42b Shakes and pebble of the timber

installation of wood shakes and shingles, as well as all flashing components to provide a waterproof surface. Useful for staining in combination with shake and shingle application. 

C42c Brick from mud and cement

To create a waterproof surface by laying tile of clay and concrete, as well as any nailer, purlines, or underlay strips. 

C42e Specialist of urethane foam

To create a waterproof surface of the roof by preparing the surface and applying foam of urethane. 

C42g Covers for roofs

Application of reflective and waterproofing roof coatings, as well as applications for the preparation of any surface. 

C43 Pipeline setting, draining, sewage distribution, and gutter

To build septic ranks, stations of sewage lift, facilities of packaged sewer disposal. For masonry sewer and concrete and related infrastructure, putting all sorts of pipe for manholes, sewers. Finally, for irrigation, gas, water, and storm drain lines. 

C43a Rebuilding and renovation pipeline

To physically or remotely recondition or repair water (sewage pipes) by water supply department or county sewer requirements. 

C44 Alloy sheet expert

Fabrication, assembly, and installation of metal flues, ductwork, equipment for laboratory and kitchen. It is also for downspouts, gutters, flashings, and additionally free-standing chimneys and fireplaces. 

C44a Contractor of channels

Gutter and downspout fabrication and installation.

C44b Patio cover and awnings specialist 

To clarify, patio and awnings coverings are made, also installed.

C48 Contractor of architectural iron

Fabricate and construct structural steel forms, bars, rods. Markedly, for plates with any cross-section, perimeter, or profile for structural segments in structures/buildings. 

C48a Door from the iron

Roll-up, sliding, overhead, also mechanical steel doors are installed and repaired.

C49 Expert of pools

To clarify, it is to build and repair pool decks, jacuzzis, hot tubs, whirlpools, and pools. And also pathways made of concrete, gunite, metal, or plastic. 

C49a Services of pools

Heaters, filters, pumps, and associated circulation pipes for whirlpool tubs, swimming pools, and jacuzzis are repaired and replaced.

C49b Pools and hot-tubs

For the installing of pools with fabric lines or vinyl, saunas, hot tubs. It involves water transmission, storage, and catchment. 

C51 Expert of clay

The base preparation on which terrazzo, granite, mosaic, ceramic, and additional tile works. Note that it will stick by fasteners, suction, or adhesives, including any cultured and marble. It may also involve faux tile goods. 

C51a Specialist  of polished quartz

In other words, to lay the foundation and also install synthetic or cultured marble. 

C51b Expert of terrazzo

Liquid membrane and terrazzo installing and finishing using chips of terrazzo. 

C52 Airconditioners and ventilators

installation, fabricate and construct heating with warm air. It is as well for methods of cooling, including solar cooling and heating, and entire ventilation. It is worth mentioning air conditioning, piping, controllers, and other components. 

C53 Products of a mixed retailer

The installation of various retail items that the licensee sells. However, the installing is physically executed and subcontracted to suitably licensed constructors.

C54 Designer of the interior

Firstly, it is to contract for the provision of services of interior design and the completion of renovation work. Note that the remodeling work is physically completed and subcontracted to by qualified specialists. 

C55 Waterproofer

To begin with, it is to use sheet membranes, elastomeric coatings, silicone, pitch, and epoxy. Secondly, asphalt, glass, felt, or some other substance or materials combination is on the list. Given that, they keep water vapor and water from entering and flowing through the materials.

C56 Welder

Weld, assemble, cut, and layout metal goods on-site, such as fire escapes, guard rails, pressure vessels, tanks, and pipelines. 

C57 Weller

To clarify, it is to install a base of concrete pump, controls of the pump, and water well pumps. At this point, injection wells, and additional waterline for adjacent storage tanks play their part.

In other words, it allows the holder to repair, clean, cement, case, excavate, drill water wells. In like manner, it is for the installing of storage tank water line to the adjacent. Lastly, there is the base of concrete pump, pump controls, and water well pumps. 

C57a Installing pumps

Pumps and accompanying equipment, such as controls, must be installed in wells.

C57b Well of infusion

In short, installing the injection well. 

C60 Systems of solar energy

Installation and assemble solar panels, batteries, controllers, and also wiring of low voltage DC. 

C61 Systems of solar power

In short, to install and assemble systems of solar water heating in commercial and residential buildings.  

C61a Schemes of solar water heating specialist

installation and assembling storage containers, collectors, controllers, pumps, and also piping in the process. 

C61b Schemes  of solar cooling and heating specialist

Installation solar cooling and also heating systems.  Note that all specialist work must be subcontracted by licensed masters. 

C62 Lines and poles

Firstly, erect poles, anchor, ground, and dress that will transport high voltage electrical lines. Equally important are connecting and threading apparatus between and to poles, fixtures, and electrical wires. Without a doubt, pole-mounted transformer installation is on the list, too. 

C62a expert of the poles

To clarify, the permit allows the person to reinforce poles by injections of epoxy, polyurethane, and fiberglass. Moreover, other materials encasing or into them play a huge role. 

C63 Electrical with high voltage

Firstly, trench, backfill, patch, and restore the surface of lines and conduits that transmit or use electrical energy. To clarify, it must be of more than 600 volts phase to phase.

Also, to connect, erect, installation or place electrical wires, apparatus. Not to forget about the restoration of surface, patching, backfilling, and trenching, in association with the installing and conduits of the lines that transmit or use electrical energy at least 600 volts. 

C68 Specialist with classification

Note that a construction job requires a special or unique skill that does not completely fall outside of any classification listed above. However, the additional categorization should be connected with the public’s interest. In addition, it is decided by the committee. 

To sum up,  the professional must fulfill the licensing criteria and conditions established by law. 

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