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Hawaii License Plate Lookup

If you are going to buy a vehicle in Hawaii, you can choose a Hawaii License Plate Lookup function and find out the details about the vehicle.

A Hawaii license plate is a metallic or plastic card that helps to recognize the vehicles of the state. Local Division of Motor Vehicles office issues the license plate. The office is located in four counties: Honolulu, Hawaii, Maui, and Kauai.

Generally, the standard license plate has a white background with black letters on it. You can also see a rainbow on it.  with black text and a rainbow on the surface. Moreover, all the standard license plates have the symbol of “Aloha State”. Every vehicle in Hawaii must have a plate with 6 numbers on it. Those 6 numbers help you to get all the information about your vehicle.

Usually, all the data about license plates and information connected to them is under the control of Hawaii’s Department of Public Safety. However, nowadays there are some motor vehicle agencies that offer to get the license plate information. You must be cautious when you enter the code for online lookup. If your plate number is not readable or broken, apply and have it repaired. If you cannot find information about the vehicle with the plate number or if the website says it is not the vehicle you were looking for, you should go to the police station.

Hawaii License Plate Lookup

When you buy a vehicle in Hawaii that has had an owner before, it is important to search for all the information. This gives an opportunity to know whether your car has had accidents, has been flooded or not, etc.

In fact, Hawaii doesn’t have a database where you can find the title or held the registration procedure. Each country of the Hawaii state offers its own requirements and laws. Whenever you want to find information about the vehicle you buy or sell, you can do it online. All you need to do is open your computer’s browser, go to the needed website and write your license plate number. Now, you can see the reports, public pictures, and videos of your vehicle. You are able to read the comments and see the whole history of it.

Usually, Hawaii License Plate Lookup can help you to get the following information:

  • The title of your vehicle
  • Whether your vehicle had any accidents
  • Information about the disasters your vehicle faced to
  • The current condition of your vehicle as well as the data about when it was produced, car engine type, etc.
  • How many times has your vehicle been repaired

You cannot see who were the previous owners because the personal data is protected by Hawaii License Plate Lookup laws. You don’t need to pay for a license lookup. It is completely free and unlimited in Hawaii. All you need is to have the 6-numbered code located on the back of the vehicle.

Vehicle Title in Hawaii

Usually, Hawaii’s every count has its own requirements for the vehicle title. But most of them, of course, is general. Whenever you want to apply to obtain a vehicle title, you must have some documents with you.

  • First, you need to bring the previous title of the vehicle (if there are any)
  • Secondly, you must have the registration details
  • Proof of identities: You need the proof of the seller and the buyer
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Checks of the fees you have paid

Hawaii License Plate Types

As we have already mentioned, the Hawaii License Plate is a white card with black letters. It also has a rainbow on it. However, now you can choose the license plate design if you have an organization or special occupation.

If you have a disability, you can as well apply for a disability plate.

Hawaii Vanity/Special License Plates

In order to get the vanity license plate in Hawaii, you must visit the office, pay 25 dollars fee and choose the characters you want.  At first, you need to visit and check if the numbers and letters you want are available. Then you will get a notification that your plate is in the office.

After you will need to provide the documents that you have registered your car. You will need to make a payment of 50 cents. If your renewal date is near you must as well pay the renewal fees.

Whenever you have submitted all these steps you must have the license plate you already have and a safety inspection with you.

Your vanity license plate must be not more than 6 letters, digits, or both of them. The gap between them is considered a character. Only one hyphen you can use with six characters.

You cannot use any digits, letters, or combinations that are deceptive, publicly offensive or a letter-number combination of regularly issued plates. The first application cost is 25 dollars. Following the issuance of the special plates, you may need to pay 25 dollars every year when you register, transfer or renew your license plate. Your Hawaii Vanity License Plate is valid till the design of your license plate needs an update.

Getting Your License Plate In Hawaii

To apply for your Hawaii license plate, you must first register your vehicle in the local DMV office. You need to register your car in Hawaii and obtain a license plate if you have bought a car or have moved to live in Hawaii with your vehicle.

You will need the following documents when you apply for a license plate in Hawaii:

  • Application form to register your car
  • Documents of the safety inspection
  • You must show your driver ID
  • If you own an out-of-state license, please, provide it, too.
  • Checks of your payments
  • The date of shipping and other related documents

In fact. you can transfer your license plate to a new car. You just need to pay some fees for it.

If you want to sell or give your vehicle to someone and you don’t want to buy a new vehicle, you can apply for surrendering your Hawaii License plate. You can also undergo this process if you move to another state.

License Plate Renewal

The sticker of your license plate has an expiration date on it. Whenever you see the date is close to expiration, you must renew your license plate. Generally, Hawaii’s DMV sends you a notification that your license plate is going to expire so that you don’t forget. Most of the counties offer to renew your license plate online, by visiting the local DMV or County Tag Office or apply and get your renewed plate by mail.

You must fulfill the following conditions in order to renew your Hawaii license plate online:

  • The applicant has got your notification about renewal by mail
  • He/she lives at the same address
  • The license expires within no less than 45 days
  • There are no special instructions specified in the “Special Instructions” section
  • Payment via Visa or MasterCard is available

If you meet the above-mentioned requirements, you can open the website of your county, find the license plate renewal section, enter the data and wait for your new license plate. Your updated registration documents will be delivered to you. Allow plenty of time for your registration documents to arrive, since you may be fined if you do not have a valid registration. Contact the DMV to inquire about the status of your registration renewal.

You can also renew your license plate by mail or by visiting the local office with the above-mentioned documents. If you have changed your address, you can ask and complete that section when you fill out your application form

Generally, you only need to pay 45 dollars to renew your license plate. However, you must take into account that fees can change as every county has its on laws and requirements.

Replacement of Hawaii License Plate

If you have lost your license plate, it was damaged or stolen you can apply to replace your license plate. To obtain a new license plate you must:

  • Fill in an Application form for Replacement
  • Provide your previous registration documents
  • You must replace your license plate if it has been damaged from both sides: back and front
  • If only one plate has been lost or stolen, you must bring the remaining plate with you.

If you are going to renew your license plate, you must fulfill the renewal process before you replace the plate.  You will also need to pay 5.5 dollars to replace the whole plate and only 50 cents to replace the emblem.

Hawaii Veteran License Plate

In Hawaii, qualified Veterans can obtain distinctive Veterans’ license plates for their vehicle as in many states of the U.S. They don’t need to pay an extra amount for it. The veterans must only visit the Hawaii Motor Vehicles department and fill out the application form.

Disabled veterans don’t need to pay their vehicle’s fee every year.

It is applicable if the veteran applies only for a vehicle per year. Note that the vehicle must not be for commercial purposes.

Why are there so many banned license plates in Hawaii? Is the law too strict? Which body regulates the applications for license plates? Continue reading our Hawaii Banned License Plates page to find all answers to your questions.

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