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Hawaii Banned License Plates

The vanity plates, in fact, are a nice thing to pay for. We mean, it is really cool to have your name or your date of birth on your vehicle plate. Some people want to personalize their cars, and in Hawaii, it’s not a difficult thing to do indeed. Seems like you only have to apply for a plate, pay the fee and you’re done. Definitely, it’s not only about the application.

In fact, a very large number of people in Hawaii apply for license plates each year. They often personalize their vehicles by choosing significant numbers, dates, letters for their plates. For each county or city in the State of Hawaii, there are Vehicle Registration and Licensing Offices. Thus, you can apply for a license plate at any VRL office.

Why are license plates being banned in Hawaii?

Actually, some people use the personalization of the plates strangely. Some residents make combinations of letters and numbers with immoral meanings. Other combinations contain sexual connotations, offensive words, etc. In brief, the Vehicle Registration and Licensing offices receive applications from Hawaii residents. For example, in the County of Hawaii, you must visit any of the offices in person to apply for a license plate. In most cities in Hawaii, you can check the availability of a license plate online.

What is the cost of the plates?

Usually, the vanity plates in Hawaii are about $25. You pay the fee, apply for a license, and wait for about 60 – 90 days for manufacturing. Also, there are some registration fees. You will pay an additional $25 fee as an annual charge. When the license plate is ready, they usually notify residents via mail, so check your mailbox frequently. At the time you are going to take your vanity plate, there are some documents you will be asked to take with you to the Vehicle Registration and Licensing office.

What are the rules and limitations for license plates in Hawaii?

  • The combinations must contain a maximum of six characters – letters and numbers. Space is also a character in the combination.
  • Only one hyphen must be there in the combination. It can replace a letter or a number. There must not be other punctuation marks in the combination.
  • Any combination with offensive meaning will be banned from the Vehicle Registration and Licensing offices.
  • If two residents have applied for the same license plate with the same combination, then the first one will receive it.

In fact, as in other states, such as Alaska, the Vehicle Registration and Licensing offices do not have to explain the real reason for the refusal. Moreover, they update the regulations frequently. So it is always good to check all details before applying for a license plate by contacting your city/county administrative offices. You can also check them online at governmental websites.

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