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Sample Hawaii Private Investigator License

Hawaii Private Investigator License

The rules of acquiring a private investigator license in Hawaii are quite different from other states. Basically, it has limited use. When you compare to other states, its advantages and disadvantages become evident. It depends on whether you want to work as an independent specialist or under the control. About all these, you may read in this article.

How do I get a private investigator license in Hawaii?

Getting a permit in this area is not difficult. You just need to follow the basic requirements which are obligatory:

  • Be 18 years or over
  • Hold at least GED or high school diploma
  • Be mentally and physically healthy
  • Be clean of felony offenses
  • Do not have financial crimes such as scams and deception
  • Pass fingerprint submission via HCJDC

Possessing four years of working experience in one of these positions is mandatory:

  • A police officer
  • An investigator:
  1. under the supervision of a registered PI;
  2. in a law organization or counselor;
  3. in any government body such as federal, state, county, or city.

Besides, DCCA accepts the qualifications in the criminal justice system or similar fields as relevant experience. Hence, the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs controls licenses.

How to apply for a private investigator license in Hawaii

Firstly, applying for your Social Security Number is mandatory. Otherwise, it will be regarded as incomplete and then rejected.
Secondly, you have to go through the steps listed below:

  • Prepare the proper documentation and send them to DCCA
  • Fill out the application form and pay a $50 fee
  • After getting confirmation to accomplish an 8-hours course pass the written test successfully. Its minimum grade is 75%.

Please note, that the Board confirms the formal request and conducts the testing process. Besides, it issues an approved trainer so that you overcome the examination.

How much does hiring a private investigator cost in Hawaii?

The prices are very changeable. It depends on the cases and the investigations that must be done. Besides, some specialists prefer the hourly rate. But, as a rule, the set price is a minimum of $1065, and a maximum of $1612․

How much is a guard card in Hawaii?

There are two different prices for guard cards. It depends on the time you apply.

  • The payment is $73 if your registration is confirmed from July 1 of the odd number year to June 30 of the following year. (Application-$10; registration fee – $45; compliance resolution fund – $36; 1/2 renewal fee – $15).
  • The fee of a guard card is $106 when it is granted from July 1 of the even-number year until June 30 of the following year. (Application-$10; registration fee – $45; compliance resolution fund – $18).

As you see, it is somewhat a tricky process.

Can I start a private investigator business?

Anyone may start a private investigator business. However, you will face additional requirements. For instance, you should purchase a bond for $ 5,000. Indeed, a PI permit does not allow you to run your own organization in this state. With it, you can work only for an agency in this field. Finally, if you wish to be independent and in charge of your company, you must apply for it separately.

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