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Hawaii Security License

So, what do you need to get a Hawaii security license? Scroll down to see the main steps and requirements.

Hawaii Security License Requirements

To become an unarmed officer, you need to:

  • Be 18 years old
  • Have a high school diploma
  • Take a special exam
  • Be mentally healthy
  • Submit a criminal background check
  • Provide fingerprints
  • Gain 4 years of experience
  • Be clear of any fraud history
  • Complete eight hours of classroom instruction (Transcend Inc. is the leading provider of board-approved courses)

The requirements for armed officers are almost the same. However, they should be 21 years old and more.

To apply for the certificate, you will have to:

  • Answer all the questions included in the form and sign it
  • Pay the fixed costs
  • Attach proof of the 8-hour classroom instruction

After successfully completing the training and the test, your application will be considered.

In case you fail the exam, it is still possible to retake it. However, there must be a gap of at least 90 days between the exams.

The Guard Employee Application

To complete the sample, the officers are asked to submit the following documents (or some of them):

  • Copy of high school diploma
  • Copy of transcripts
  • A statement issued by the Department of Education
  • Military form

The registrants can also produce a notarized statement from the employer (both past and present are applicable) as proof of work experience.

Registrants with psychological problems ought to present a letter from a health care provider. Accordingly, he/she gives a description of the condition.

Those with past felony histories need to include recommendation letters and written explanations. It is the same for Kentucky as well.

Associated Fees

Training is essential if you want to have more chances of finding a job. The permit will cost you about $300.

  • 8-hour training – $160
  • A fingermark-based conviction screening – $50-$65
  • An Employee Registration – $151

After that, the applicants get the state’s guard card in 15-20 working days.

Is it easy to renew the permit?

Well, it is not that difficult to renew it. However, the deadlines must be strictly kept. For 2021 the deadline was June 30. If case cardholders fail to renew it, they are prohibited to work. If you still decide to do it after its expiration, you will have to pay a $120 penalty. In addition, you should just call the Licensing Branch at (808) 586-3000 to restore it.

You can also email at [email protected] While doing so, include your certificate name and number, phone number, and address.

The main qualifications for security guard instructors

To be able to teach the educational material, instructors need to have the qualifications below.

  • Have a current permit as a principal guard and at least 2 years of experience
  • Be a Certified Protection Professional
  • Have 4 years of experience (2 of which as a supervisor)

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